Going Going Gone

Typeface design and editorial design

Going Going Gone explores the potential threat of sea level rise in the UK, from 2020 to 2050. Towns mentioned in the publication are hypothetical, but within the area of land likely to erode in the next 80 years, according to Friends Of The Earth. Hand-rendered typeface design based on a forecast map of the eroding coastline in the UK. 

February 2020
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It has been found that many British people have a feeling of disassociation or dessensitisation to climate change. This is may due to feelings of safety living in the UK, alternatively feelings of apathy or denial. As the climate becomes increasingly severe over time, we are likely to experience more and more negative impacts of this. Here in the UK, potentially our greatest threat is flooding. Since our tiny island is surrounded by water, we are extremely vulnerable to submergence as a result of sea level rise from melting glaciers. Coastal areas are likely to be hit the hardest with severe erosion and flooding which can cause destruction of towns, displacement, habitat loss and forced migration. By 2050 many of the coastal towns that we know today may have been submerged by the ocean. This publication was created as a reminder that climate chaos is happening a lot closer to home than some may think and faster than anyone can imagine.

Rosie Bond 2020 - Bristol, UK ︎