Graphic design workshop leader, typography & editorial design

Gambino is the outcome of a 2 week visit to St Peters school, in The Gambia. Myself and 2 other UWE students ran workshops and lessons in graphic design, illustration, photography and journalism to a class of 30 young adults. We also included talks and lessons on sustainable futures and development. The purpose of this was to inspire creativity and transfer skills to a talented group of adolescents. The final outcome is in the form of a printed magazine, showcasing written and visual expressions of thoughts and opinions about issues that, the students felt, need to be spoken about. It was a chance to give a voice to the Gambian youth.

The content of the magazine was entirely created by the students of St Peters School then edited and designed by Rosie Bond, Kwan Suh and Jan Sraj

With special thanks to the DAIGO Project for the opportunity and to UWE for funding the trip.

January 2020

Rosie Bond 2020 - Bristol, UK ︎