Facing The Music

Collaboration with Ruby Craner-Buckley

The undeniable correlation between depletion of natural resources and increased extreme weather events means we are starting to witness the effects of our actions. Natural disasters, unnaturally severe weather patterns and the frequency of them, means we are constantly bombarded with reports of devastation and desolation. We have become dessensitized to this information because it has become the norm. To combat this disengagement, Ruby and I created a musical piece that immortalises the disruptive Storm Dennis (February 2020), to preserve the event, making sure that the urgency for action does not blow over once the storm passes.

Within the project, MET Office data was recorded at regular intervals over the course of two weeks then interpreted to correspond with musical notes that can be played with an instrument. Musician, Rebecca Jones played our melody on the piano which Ruby and I recorded. To accompany the musical piece, Ruby and I created animations that form a short film (link below) as well as a riso printed publication to visualise the data and Storm Dennis on paper. Facing The Music aims to communicate information about a natural disaster in an unconventional way as the mainstream media no longer functions to alert the British public to such weather events.

Watch the full video here

March 2020

Rosie Bond 2020 - Bristol, UK ︎